Tuesday, 18 February 2014


assalamualaikum and hey to world...

hehehehe...yeah this just song okay....maybe all of you ever heard or see or know one of quote which sound like this : 

when you happy you’ll enjoy the music but when you sad you’ll feeling the lyrics...(hope my note is true)

yeah this song from korean drama ost : heartstring...yeah i know all of you love k-pop wave....yeah yeah

i just really mean and said it’s true that this part of lyrics had touched my heart so much :

missing you, missing you so

each day over by myself, i kept calling your name

never i told you these word, i never said and just let you go

sorry you, sorry you so

hoping you hearing my words, though too late, i hope and pray

that you can hear and feel these words for you

i love you so....i love you so.....

yeah i love him so...so much..

okay i think too much about feeling right now...so roger and out


~~may i can say those words one day...amin~~

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